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Why Enroll?

True Parent Testimonies

The Village was the Right Choice

"When I was looking for a "daycare" for my daughter a little less than a year ago... I was torn between 2. My son had gone to the other one and I knew the teachers... it was in the same building complex where I work! Something told me to choose The Village...

I realize every week I have made the right decision.

My 3 year old can print her name, she knows the days of the week and the months of the year, she sings and talks my ear off...

I was worried at one point she wouldn't talk at all. She loves "school"!!!!

Thank you to every single person who cares for and teaches my daughter at The Village... from the bottom of my heart!"

– Village Parent

A Quote From a Parent on her First Day

"As I was sitting in my car, wiping up my tears, my phone dinged.  I looked down to see a notification from The Village.  "Oh, no," I thought.  "What did I forget to give him?"  With my stomach in my throat, I opened the Brightwheel childcare app, and there was a phonto of my son.,, laying back with a slight grin on his face, with the caption, "Have a great first day mama!"  My heart melted and then I was back to tearing up.  Once classes were over for the day, I practically ran to my car, drove to The Village, waited to be let in, and once verified that I am a parent of a child, I excitedly rushed to the infant room.  "Mommy's back!"  He was handed over to me, and I got a report on how he did, and then was asked about how my first day back was going." 

– Village Parent

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