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The Village Wish List

Want to help out with our day-to-day needs? Bring in something from our wish list! 

• Copy Paper (Color and White)

• Cordless Carpet/Floor Sweepers

• Paper Napkins, Cups, and Plates

• Paper Towels

• Pump Hand Soap

• Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags

• Disinfectant Wipes

• Sam's Club Gift Cards


Do you donate to the United Way at your place of employment?


Please select "The Village" as your designated charity. 

These extra funds will be used to support the children at The Village!

Code: 9811

SECA: 4617-0018

Call or email Cherie for more information and details on

these giving programs.


We also accept checks!

Charitable donations can

be made payable to:

Village of FPC (The Village)

408 Liberty Street

California, PA 15419


Do you or someone you know own a business paying PA state taxes?

A percentage of those taxes can be designated for scholarships at The Village. Business applications are accepted on July 1 until the available credits are all used.


You can help make preschool more affordable for local children without costing you any more money.    

kid cents.png

Round up to the nearest dollar very time you shop at RiteAid and designate The Village to

receive that amount.


You can participate by using a RiteAid Wellness Card and designating "The Village of FPC" as the charity you want to support.

Toddler campfire.jpg
tod loft.jpg

"The Village is more than childcare because though they are undoubtedly unmatched in promoting the academic, adventurous, and emotional growth of children, they allow those of us who would never have the ability to turn our dreams into goals while also raising a family, to pursue our ambitions, and make them a reality.  They have given us the chance to create a better future for ourselves and our children."                                                                                                                                      A Village Parent

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